performance, 110 minutes, Grimmuseum, PAS#27, PAS|Performance Art Studies, Berlin 2012

The white façade, the small hall on the front of the entrance, the white wall close to the corner, the white column in the middle of the room. Small glass bowls filled with water and plaster bandages, all arranged on the floor in several places around the building. I am walking from place to place and connect the building with my body by covering both with the plaster bandages. I wait until they dry and I can comprehend the unity. I then disconnect with the space by opening up the plaster forms. I use the scissors to cut the plaster and some of my hairs, which I have sewn together with the white shapes extant on the walls. I mark my presence and visualize body space relation. By using same material that is used to cover the walls I see it as a skin. Static meets flexible and the different nature of each is exchanged. Once attached, the flexible can be detached and discover different places, but always leaving some mark behind.

photo 1,2 and 4 made by Matthias Pick, photo 3 made by Monika Sobczak