performance, 195 minutes, Grimmuseum, PAS#27, PAS|Performance Art Studies pas.bbbjohannesdeinling.de, Berlin 2012

The end of the intravenous system disappears under my hair just to appear on my neck. There is a white fluid inside the medical tubing that is slowly dropping to my neck and follows the back. Drop after drop creates two constantly flowing downward lines.  A pair of red panties absorbs the fluid and let it slowly seep onto the floor. I smell milk. I am breaking the wooden sticks and the silence around me. Straight lines that appeared on the imperfect body draw a transcendent shape. We drink milk to grow healthy, not everyone will though. This project is a nostalgic exploration of human imperfection, based on my own body history.

photo 1 made by Monika Sobczak, photo 2 made byMatthias Pick