Do I belong

 Do I belong video

perormance in collaboration with Bello Benischauer,  work presented as video work, Winterthur, Switzerland 2013

An old factory space inspired me and Bello to make a project called Do I belong. It is a space that is reminiscent of an old work place, with objects from the past and ghosts of people that used to work there, this is how we perceived the space.

Both of us try to understand the place. As Bello once worked there he cannot free himself from old habits. I would try to transform it from concrete and steel into my own organic home connected to my body. We continue to cross each other in order to feel mutually present.

Two ways of seeing and inhabiting the space are possible through intervention and action, resulting in a shared close connection with the space. In this work of art, the space forced particular behaviors and actions; it influenced us as we had influence on it.