Each and One

 performance, 6 min, ‘Paradox City Student Project: Reactivating Central Poznan’, Paradox Biennial Conference,
‘Zamek’ Cultural Centre, Poznan, Poland 2015

Discovering Poznan made me think about geographical differences, marked by name/line/border, visibly on maps. A condition happens on micro and macro scale, even within our own body that we could name an individual world, country, city; each body part has its own function and cooperates with one another. A system, in which parts work together create a whole. However, some parts stop functioning properly or are weaker than others, an event will lead to a change, even if the whole will continue to try to work properly and own the same name. People have many different life definitions and approaching problems in several ways, but they still exist together, in the same environment with better or worst communication skills and tolerance. Based on those thoughts, I was inspired to make the performance, titled ‘Each and One’. Colors reflect on flag symbolically: lines and borders, sides that always meet challenges.