10 min, ’17 heads 14 handles’- MA: Art & Process Exhibition,
Cork 2014

While studying issue of perception I’ve based my research on the diverse fields of philosophy, psychology, science and culture. Perception is a very wide and complicate subject that can be explore in many different ways, as in laboratories as by physical action. Phenomenology of perception becomes even more complex when we take into account objects. When we are in the object, when we are touching the object or when the object is attached to us, our perception change.

In the performance ‘Fission’ I used clothes as objects that are most common objects directly touching the body. Clothes take our shape, move with us and express who we are, where we are.  Clothes’ attachment to the space and its fragmentation symbolize moment of transformation. Objects can be left behind. In this case, clothes even without body, stay on place and remind someone who is gone, but also that what this person lost.

photos made by Michelle O’Connor Connolly