ID* *Invisible Disability

ID* *Invisible Disability, performance/happening, website and testimonials, collaboration with Mirela Bistran and Nika Danielska, project founded by iPortunus Grant, in consultation with Grapevine Organization, Coventry, UK

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This international collaborative project funded by i-Portunus aims to examine how creative practice in the arts can raise awareness and promote a more empathic and understanding community towards those who are affected by invisible disabilities, who might have a different rhythm of life or behave in unexpected ways due to their condition.

The project aims to explore the invisible aspects of certain disabilities and bring them out in visible form as fashionable, wearable art objects which highlight the beauty of each human being and their uniqueness. Based on human anatomy, the artworks are odes in visual form, rendering the invisible visible, bringing to light the inner world and reminding us to treasure our bodies and experiences.

Covered in gold leaf to show the nobility of the human body in any shape and form, these objects are presented by the artists on a shiny runner to esthetically associate the event with the idea of a fashion show. Instead of a fast catwalk, one can see the performers advancing with slow movements, almost like a struggle. Inspired by their own lived experiences, the artists challenge the assumption that what we cannot see, hear, or touch doesn’t exist, and propose a kinder way of looking at what may be hidden in each and every one of us.

audio description: Agatha Keyser Devlin, photo credit Mark Radford