performance, 315 minutes, PAB Open, Bergen County Jail,
Norway 2013

The subject of my research is based on a conundrum of the human condition. The coexistence of the mind and body is obvious, they work together and cooperate, however when we get into trouble, we feel pain that signifies danger, division appears. Pain can cause the break between our two basic units. This situation is confusing and difficult, but by process of understanding and deconstructing, we can interrelate body and mind again.

The project ‘Inout‘ symbolizes the complexity of circulation that happens inside and outside of our own body, our own being. Fabric that is pulled out of parted legs looks as if it is ripped out of the body.  Cutting the fabric and sewing it on the body is a long lasting act. The body is completely covered by the color red and a stitched texture, it is reversed and exposed. The person is blind now, has sewn hands, is helpless and dependent on outside conditions. The sewing has to be finished by someone from the audience as there is no other way to complete it…

photo 1 made by Bjarte Bjørkum, photo  2 made by Ruslan Todorov