Substrate I & II


 4 x screen video installation on TVs, 4 performances for camera, dimensions variable, ’17 heads 14 handles’ MA: Art & Process Exhibition, Cork 2014


4 x screen video installation on TVs, 4 performances for camera, dimensions variable, ‘The Land of Zero’ event/exhibition, initiator/curator- Maud Cotter, quest curator-  Pluck Projects, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork 2014 

Substrate I and II are a series of short performances for camera, presented in the form of video installations that allow seeing and hearing simultaneously.  This strategy creates a specific lab atmosphere where actions become an impulse to discover human perception.

In biochemistry a substrate is a molecule upon which an enzyme acts. In a chemical reaction a substrate bonds with an enzyme active site and in consequence the substrate is transformed into a new product. In this series I react to particular objects, perform with them and connect with the space around. This state can be perceived in two ways. In one way objects are an extension of my body, they change its shape and behavior, on the other hand the objects are animated and become more ‘fleshy’ than before. As a result of this interaction a new product has been created. This product is the new way in which we perceive all elements, the holistic nature of the action.

I am using natural substances, objects that are connected with our being; milk that we need to drink to survive as a child, wood that was a tree and coal that we use to warm up, stones that originate from organic life and natural phenomenon that have shaped our present surroundings. Lines visible in all the works not only have aspects of drawing, there are the starting points for transformation of subject/object in space and time.