video installation, two videos 6 min. each, ‘Paradox City Student Project: Reactivating Central Poznan’, Paradox Biennial Conference, ‘Zamek’ Cultural Centre, Poznan, Poland 2015

‘Paradox City’ group exhibition, UP Gallery, Berlin, Germany 2015

Project ‘Transpassing’ is a collaborative work responding to the city of Poznan, as part of the conference ‘Paradox’ focusing on the decentralization of the city. The city has two different aspects. First there are plenty of shopping malls that have their own ‘life’, their own ‘microclimate’ with artificial lights and air, order and sterility, monitored by cameras and security. On the other hand, Poznan has many old abandoned buildings, where the human input and nature come altogether, in full circle. These places are easy to sneak in, but difficult to reach and dangerous to walk (since there are broken roofs and flours).  On the abandoned places we could feel the past and imagine it, they create intriguing and exciting feeling. These two opposites’ exist in the city of Poznan, both created because of economical reasons. The abandoned buildings and the shopping malls link each other, in notion of past and present, where present will become the past and past can become the future.