Venice International Performance Art Week

La Pocha Nostra & VestAndPage Joint Summer Class 2017, C32 performingartworkspace, Forte Marghera, Venice, Italy

Video- ART WEEK | Workshop Series 2017: Joint Performance Summer Class by La Pocha Nostra & VestAndPage

On our world’s stage, where economic and social systems move deeply into relations of the capital, La Pocha Nostra’s and VestAndPage’s generous theory and practice stress the complexity of being human – the pleasures and the pains. Before knowing you I was wondering what motivates artists to give, to share initiatory processes.

To me, you have been the experience that embodies what art can do: assigning sacred tasks to the human imaginary, you showed me that I might be able to live my life as a work of art. I understand that efforts are required, as well as sacrifice – but everybody has his part on the stage.”

Francesca Carol Rolla on her motivations to organise 

photos by Lorenza Cini